Music and Desk Jobs

I was a banker, yes me.

And one day it happened. I looked at the evil loan application sitting on my desk and sucking away my soul and decided I had to quit. I walked into my boss’s office and handed him my two weeks right then.

I’d always wanted to pursue a career in music, but never saw it as a possibility. Desperation provided the courage I needed to hand in my two weeks notice, and live the life I knew I was called to. The path has not been easy. There was that time I couldn’t afford rent and had to live in my van for several months. I have never regretted leaving that job though.

Eight years later, I’ve released a few albums, and had my songs hit the radio. I’m starting to reap some of the rewards of my hard work and dedication. No matter what happens, I know I made the right decision by having the courage to go with my gut.

Tim Mcnary is a singer / songwriter based in Nashville. Learn more at