Coming to America

I was passionate about traveling. On a beautiful summer morning, I took off for a road trip in India. I woke up in a hospital with a broken lung. I thought it was a bad dream. I was wrong. It was a car accident. The chauffeur dozed off for 10 seconds. It changed my life forever at 16. 

I could stay put in India and hope for the best or pack my bags, move to America, and try to save my lung. I bid farewell to friends & family and traveled to America for the long journey ahead. 5 years later, my hospital treatment ended. Yep, 5 whole years. I was free to live a normal life – pursue school, travel, and even skydive! 

8 years later, I graduated from Harvard University, visited 35 countries on 5 continents, pursued a career in Finance, and of course Skydived.

Looking back, the accident and the decision to come to America was the best thing that ever happened to me. I guess sometimes accidents are blessings in disguise.

Lisa Patel is a curious kitten and constant explorer. She knows something about everything.